Posted by: stephanhowe | April 8, 2011

Passive Solar Home Design Seminar

Is it Spring yet? 
The University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab  (the IDL) has moved down the street to near the corner of 6th and Front.  Many thanks to them for allowing us to use this great venue!  This month’s seminar is Passive Solar Home Design:
7:00-9:00 p.m. Thursday, 4/14/11
Integrated Design Lab (306 South 6th St.)

Passive Solar Home Design:  We’ll explore the basic elements of passive solar home design using the principles from The Solar House by Daniel Chiras as a guide.  We’ll talk about site selection and how to assess the seasonal solar resource for a particular site.  We discuss the effect of building envelop design on heating and cooling loads.  We’ll explain how to data from the National Renewable Energy Labs program PV Watts.  We’ll walk through a simple solar energy model useful in the early stages of passive solar design.    Using a seminar format, we’ll make time for and encourage Q&A and general discussion.    
Cost is $10 at the door or $50 for the entire eight-month series.
There may be cookies.  Hope to see you again this Thursday!
All seminars are interactive as knowledge doesn’t flow one way!
You’re invited to bring information and be prepared to share that with the group as well.
Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Homes seminar series is a partnership of Green Remodeling (Josh Bogle) and Renewable Energy Solutions (Stephan Howe).  Many thanks to the University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab.  We’ll bring you the latest in building science, providing actual Boise case studies, and apply it to the issues of your unique home. All seminars are stand-alone and interactive, so bring your questions and ideas.
Seminars are held the 2nd Thursday of each month:
04/14 Passive Solar Design 
05/12 Emerging Sustainable Technology
For more information, call Green Remodeling 608-9788
or Steve at Renewable Energy Solutions 863-8679

Renewable Energy Solutions
(208) 863-8679


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